Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get Soaked this Summer in Old Navy Swimwear!

                  My Old Navy Swimsuit Sample and Share

        Get Soaked this Summer in Old Navy Swimwear!



Being a member of Crowdtap for 7 months and being blessed with so many different opportunities for Sample and share parties...I was so excited to see that Crowdtap was having a Sample and Share Party for Old Navy to receive free Bathing Suits! I quickly signed up for this opportunity knowing that these actions fill up fast! Even when you sign up, sometimes you don't get in..but there is always another great sample and share from around the corner! I waited impatiently and excitedly to see if I would be lucky enough to get to host a Swimsuit sample party at Old Navy for myself and a friend. If I'm chosen..Me and one friend can choose any bathing suit we desire for free! This includes bikinis..top and bottom! I got in! Yay! Couldn't wait to tell my family and friends!

Knowing that my Party Kit was on the way, I started looking online at Old Navy's bathing suit selection to get a good idea of what I wanted..plus I was super excited and couldn't wait to shop! Here's what came in my party kit:

  • 1 Sheet of Coupons (1 for member, 1 for friend)
  • 1 Welcome letter 

I decided to make my Old Navy Swim Suit Party on Saturday, June 3, 2012. It seemed easier to go on a weekend so I wouldn't have to work around Work Schedules. My family is planning a trip to a water park in July so this was the perfect opportunity for my mom and I to get new suits! Plus, I lost a bit of weight over the winter and needed a new Swimsuit anyway. My mother didn't even own a bathing suit anymore, lol!

So on June 3, 2012; we drove to our local Old Navy (which is about 45 minutes away) for a day of fun and free Swim Suits! I found a one piece online that I was certain was going to be "the one". My mother also found a suit online that she liked and wanted to try. I don't usually wear bikinis, but for fun I chose a bikini online that I thought was pretty and I decided I would try it on as well.

There were so many more to choose from in store! The prints, the colors, different shaped bottoms and one pieces! It was like we were in Old Navy Swimsuit heaven!

You can mix and match virtually any top and bottom to create your own bikini and compliment your personal style!

There were plenty of tankini's to choose from as well!

 Old Navy also has a nice selection of Beach cover ups to add to your Swim attire!


There's my mom on the left! She looked at the tankini's but went with a one piece...

I like how Old Navy displays their products..everything seems color coordinated!

 There is my husband on the left helping me search for bikini's that he likes.. :) The bikini on the right is the one I chose online for fun to try on..

 There is the brown bathing suit on the left that I saw online and thought was "the one"..

The bathing suit cover ups at Old Navy are so colorful and light! I ended up buying 3 pair of the gauze pants shown on the right...

     Plenty of Board shorts and cute coordinating towels to go with your bathing suits!

                    After choosing a bunch of bathing suits to try on..mom and I headed to the dressing room...

I don't like to try on bathing suit bottoms in store..even with the plastic strip for protection I get the willies! I always leave my underwear on with the bottoms I do try on in store. So some of my photos are top only ( I didn't want to show off my underwear poking out of my bathing suit bottom teehee)

This one was the one I chose online, and my favorite!
My husband chose this one..and I ended up buying this one because he liked it so much!

I liked the colors on this one, but thought it was unflattering on my chest

I felt like I may pop out of this one..but I loved the print!

 I had no choice but to put the one piece on with my underwear on underneath..I thought that this was the one until I put it on..I actually think the bikini looked more flattering on my body.

My mother didn't want her photo taken at the store. She wasn't happy with most of what she tried on..but she said it was because she was unhappy with her body, not the suits. She ended up with this one...

She has a very petite body and a very large chest, so it's hard for her to find a Swim suit that fits her properly, but I think she did alright with this one!

Here's the suit I chose to get for free with my Old Navy coupon from Crowdtap:

 I LOVE it! It fits really well and the color is so pretty! I thought I would just try it on for fun, thinking a one piece would look better..I am so glad I picked this one!

Here is the bathing suit that my husband chose for me and I ended up buying:

I really like this one too! Such pretty colors..and so comfortable. I love how the top on this bikini is adjustable in the front and well as the back! I had so much fun picking out Swim suits from Old Navy! Thank you so much, Old Navy and Crowdtap for choosing me to host this Old Navy Swimsuit Sample and Share! My family and I had so much fun and we all ended up buying a bunch of summer items, including Flip Flops!

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  1. I just recently bought vintage swimsuits but I think I might get some more basic suits as well. You both look great in these suits! They're fun without being overly adorned.