Friday, January 25, 2013

urban expressions

urban expressions

Pretty Sparkly things: Green and blue smoky eye shadow tutorial

Pretty Sparkly things: Green and blue smoky eye shadow tutorial


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Durex Sexplorers Sample and Share

Durex Sexplorers Sample and Share

As a member of Crowdtap, often you are selected to give out samples to family and friends. This is called a Sample and Share. I was lucky enough to be selected to sample and share Durex Sexplorers! Here is what Durex and Crowdtap sent me in the kit:

  • 2 - Performax Intense: Designed to speed her up and slow him down. Shaped & textured to intensify sensation. Delay lubricant to help prolong sexual performance. A more intense experience for you both.
  • 2 - Extra Sensitive: Ultra thin. Extra sensitive. With lubricant for heightened excitement and great sensations.
  • 10 - Durex Play Vibrations Variety Pack: Includes a selection of 4 Durex lubricants, 4 Durex condoms and 1 Durex Play vibrating ring. A perfect way to add a wealth of new experiences to your ongoing sexual journey. 

My husband and I decided to try a sample for ourselves before we gave them out and made recommendations. We've known each other for over 20 years, so adding a little spice to our relationship is always exciting! We made a date night out of it! After going out for a nice dinner and drinks..we came home and tried the samples. 

This is for after our Dinner Date..
We were eager to go to Dinner and get back home to try or Durex Play Variety Pack!
 What do you get with a selection of stimulating condoms, lubricants and a vibrating ring? Sensation overload in a box! 
My little surprise for my husband for our Date Night After Dark!
Wow! The warming lubricant with the vibrating ring was amazing!
The Vibrating Ring works for 20 minutes!

I often have visitors..mostly family and I had no problem giving out my samples! Everyone was happy to take them and said, "Hey, are those the things I see on TV?" My reply...YUP!!               

Love, Sex, Durex!

Someone's gettin' lucky tonight!

Here's another happy Durex user!


Thank goodness for Durex!
Did someone say Durex Play?


Sex is an endless journey, one we are happy to embark on. Which is why Durex is always inspiring new ways to help couples connect between the sheets, or above them, or not anywhere near them at all.

 I really enjoyed this Durex sample and share. Although it's often thought of as a taboo subject, sex is a very natural, enjoyable part of life. With a little help from Durex, couples can enhance their sexual experiences. There are a wide range of products that Durex offers, so the opportunity to get rubbed the right way are endless. 

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