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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bzz Agent Dr. Oetker's Pizza Campaign Review

A Healthy, Tasty Choice for Frozen Pizza!!

February 2, 2012 by care6666
I am so delighted to have been selected for this campaign. I went to the store when my coupons came and bought a speciale..I live in a small town so I know just about everyone here. I saw a friend of my dad's in the frozen aisle and struck up conversation...told him about my buzz campaign for Dr. Oetker's Pizza and gave him a coupon to try it. When I got home, I baked my pizza..and my daughter and I ate it..OMG!! It's so good! The crust is so light and crispy..and the toppings are not soggy or overpowering..we ate the whole thing between the two of us.. :) Can't wait to spread the coupons out over the tri state area. I loved the note pad magnets too!! I'll have to give them out to the people in dad's office! Thanks again :)

BzzReport for Ristorante Pizza

February 3, 2012 by care6666
I went to the grocery store to pick up a Dr. Oetker's pizza..and saw one of my dad's friends from his office..struck up conversation with him, told him I was a BzzAgent and that I was picking up a pizza for a campaign I was part of..he seemed I gave him a coupon..he said he was going to try the Speciale, just like me..I took my daughter for physical therapy and mentioned being a BzzAgent to her physical therapist..he said he had heard of the brand but hadn't seen them in the stores..I told him that the store in town had Dr. Oetker's pizza..and he said he would take the coupon and go there before he went home..he lives in a different town about an hour away..when I went to drop off my daughter at her school..I talked to her school nurse for a few minutes..mentioned I was a BzzAgent and that I was involved in a campaign for Dr. Oetker's pizza...she asked if it was healthier than other frozen pizzas..I said that it was a good question and that although I was uncertain, I thought that Dr. Oetker's is probably better for you than most frozen pizzas because it's made with real ingredients..I gave her a coupon as well..She seemed excited to try it! I am really enjoying spreading the Bzz about Dr. Oetker's pizza to my town!! Can't wait to give out the rest of the coupons!