Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America's Next Top Wooliteer Party!

As a member of Crowdtap, I was selected to host an exclusive Woolite® Extra Dark Care event and vie to become America's Next Top Wooliteer! This means I get to have a Woolite sample party and spread the word about how Woolite® can keep your denim and dark clothes looking like new for longer. This is what I was given in my Woolite Party Kit:

  • 1 Woolite® Swag Bag packed with:
  • -1 America's Next Top Wooliteer Sampling Party Booklet
  • -3 dry erase boards
  • -Dry erase markers
  • -1 set of Woolite® Great Denim Survey trivia cards
  • -10 Woolite® Extra Dark samples for you and your guests

As soon as my kit arrived, I knew what the grand prize was going to be for my party..The Woolite Swag Bag!! 

I was so excited to receive Trivia cards to incorporate Woolite and Great Denim into my party with ease! The questions were really tough! But I was surprised by how many people actually got the questions right after I read the multiple choice answers. Thankfully the Trivia cards had the answers highlighted in dark blue so I knew the answers too!

 I decided that whoever answered the most questions correctly would win this Woolite Bag with Two Samples inside! I was really proud that my mom knew more about Denim than I thought she did! She really wanted the bag too..

Everyone who played the Trivia game went home with a sample, no matter if they answered correctly or not..I felt the that the point of the game was to start conversation and get people excited about the brand, so I felt it was better to reward everyone, and give a top award to the person who did the best.
Everyone loved the samples!

Mom Won the Woolite Swag Bag and 2 samples!
Everyone wanted to get in on the fun, even the kiddos!

A young Wooliteer in the making!

Dad definitely needs Woolite Dark care for his Tee!

I decided that since it was such a nice day we would grill out and fill up the pools for the kids...

 I made burgers, hot dogs, sausage, grilled barbecue chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, and cole slaw. We also had a variety of chips and sodas.

The men decided to take over the grilling... :)

 I washed my dark jeans with Woolite Dark Care and hung them out on the line for people to see...

I also put my jeans in the pool and took a photo with the Woolite Sample!

I really enjoyed hosting my Woolite Party! Everyone had fun and left with something for everyone was very happy! I hope to be considered for Top Wooliteer, I love jeans! Long live Jeans!

                                 THANK YOU CROWDTAP AND THANK YOU WOOLITE!!

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