Thursday, August 22, 2013

 Hosted Party

The Mortal Instruments takes place in an alternate
version of our reality, a world where half-Angel creatures, called Shadowhunters, fight to keep us safe from demons. Get ready to explore the
unknown, fight alongside the Shadowhunters, and prepare yourself to see your favorite Shadowhunters on the big screen. This is your chance to leave your life as a mundane behind and plunge into the world of shadows! 
As a member of Crowtap..often I am lucky enough to get to host epic parties! This time I was given the opportunity to host The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Pre party! I was given a digital party kit filled with information about the upcoming movie..a link to send to my party goers of a digital download of the first few chapters..and about the characters in the book..and I was also shipped a copy of the book to review!

I decided to keep this book party light on the food..since we would be discussing the book and probably looking through pages..I didn't want anything that was going to make a I had home made blueberry mini pies..chips..and coffee.
For music...I played seemed fitting!

First we started off by talking about the book and how excited we were to go and see the movie!! We all wondered how different the book and the movie will be. I was given some fun questions to start conversation in my party kit:
1. Clary can see things no one in her world can. Have you ever felt like you could see something no one else could see? Do you think hidden worlds exist?
2. Dorothea, the tarot-reader who lives underneath Clary, may or may not have some powerful gifts. Do you believe some people are gifted with psychic powers? Have you ever
visited a psychic? Would you?
3. If your mom or dad had a secret past or knew about a hidden, dangerous world, would you want them to tell you? Would you rather be safe from danger or know the truth?
4. Have you ever felt the presence of ghosts, demons, or other creatures from the Downworld? Who at your party has a hair-raising ghost story to share

Most of our answers started a lot of giggling and wishful thinking! If only we could see hidden worlds and psychic powers! The last question though..a few of us had ghost stories to tell..and that made us all feel a little creeped out! I guess I should've had the party during the day so my guests wouldn't be freaked by our conversation lol! Some of us wish we could relate to Clary more..being that we wish we had some exciting secret life that we never knew existed and we all wish we had great power. But..none of us want the evils and the fighting that comes along with it! I think we all felt out of place growing an extent..but I don't think that we could quite understand to the extent of being a shadowhunter. 

Next I decided to bring out some paper and pen and let everyone make their own Runes!! Here are the Runes we came up with:

We all really enjoyed talking about the book and we are all so excited to see the movie!! I went online and looked up the trailers for the movie to play:

I can't wait to see the movie! Thank you Crowdtap+Mortal Instruments: City of Bones