Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crowdtap Post Great Grains Cereal Taste Test

Post Great Grains Cereal Taste Test


I was selected to taste test two samples of Post Great Grains Cereal by Post and Crowdtap. The two samples were blind samples, the only thing on the pouches of cereal was a list of ingredients and a Department number. I was SO excited to get to be involved in this sampling, I love cereal! I eat it a lot at night as a snack. It seems healthier than snacking on candy, chips, or ice cream; and it's just as sweet/salty and satisfying!

 When I received the to Post Great Grains Cereal samples, I noticed that there was a questionnaire that came along with it. The questionnaire made the sampling very simple. Here's what it basically said:

 Get two bowls and two spoons. Pour a glass of water. Have milk ready. Well, that's simple enough, right? So I grabbed my cereal samples and read on..Write down the first sample Department number..look at the cereal, answer question on survery. Smell the cereal, answer another question..now pour the milk..try the cereal..fill out a few questions..let the cereal soak a bit..taste again. Repeat with second cereal..tell them which cereal you liked best. 


 I could definitely tell the difference between the two cereals, and I liked one cereal better than the other for sure! One was really sweet and crunchy, with big flakes and clusters..while the other one wasn't as crunchy, and the flakes weren't as big nor were the clusters. I like sweeter cereals, and the hint of banana was really enjoyable! If I were to make the cereal I enjoyed better, I would add more clusters. Honestly, if the entire bowl of cereal was just the clusters, I'd eat that! 


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