Monday, December 31, 2012

As a member of Crowdtap, I was selected to sample and share Healthy Choice Baked Entrees by redeeming a $1.00 off coupon and sharing with all of my friends and social networks! This means I get to sample and share and spread the word about how Healthy Choice Baked Entrees can help you ditch the diet and just live healthy. This is what I was given in my Party Kit:

  • $1 off (nearly 50% off retail price) digital coupon for Healthy Choice Baked Entrées
I'm a HUGE Lasagna fan, so I grabbed a bunch of them! I couldn't resist grabbing a few other Healthy Choice frozen entrees as well! (ps, see the aluminum covered tray on the next shelf? That's frozen Lasagna! That's how much I love Lasagna!)

The first thing I did, was go to the store and check out all of the different kinds of Healthy Choice Baked Entree's were available..There were six different Baked Entrees available:

  • Chicken and Rice Cheddar Bake
  • Fettuccini Alfredo Bake
  • Four Cheese Ziti Marinara Bake
  • Italian Sausage Pasta Bake
  • Lasagna with Meat Sauce
  • Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

I decided to try the Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna first! I opened the box, and took out the package. The Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna is a nice size portion! I flipped over the box and read the instructions. Very simple. No Oven? No Problem! Enjoy savory fresh-baked taste from the microwave with new Baked Entrées!  Takes 6 to 7 minutes in the microwave. After I cooked the Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna, I expected it to look like most lasagnas that come out of the microwave..a little burnt and a cheesy mess! NOPE!! Not Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna! See for yourself!

No burning, no cheesy mess!

Looks better than home made!

Now let's talk about the taste. It's so fresh and creamy and saucy! I couldn't stop talking to all of my friends and family about how great the lasagna is! I distributed a bunch of Healthy Choice coupons so they could try them at a discounted price! I also bought Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna for my family to try and served it to them. Here's a photo of my Dad trying Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna!

He's on a diet and has been for 5 months now. He's thrilled to have found a Lasagna that he can enjoy! He's all about ditching his diet and living healthy! He's lost over 50lbs!

Here's a few other friends and family that enjoy Healthy Choice Entrees!

I think that having Each Baked entré brimming with flavor, like the Lasagna with Meat Sauce made with fresh pasta; is why the Healthy Choice Baked entree's stand out from other "diet" foods. You can actually taste the freshness!

Healthy Choice Baked Entrees!

I'm totally enjoying this Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna!

Coming in for a landing!

who doesn't enjoy eating healthy?!

Better blow on it, the Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna is hot and tasty!


Ditch the Diet! Eat healthy with Healthy Choice Baked Entrees!
Healthy Choice Baked Entrees also has a great Nutritional Fact Range! No matter if you are looking for low Sodium, Fat, Carbs, or Calories..Healthy Choice Baked Entrees has something to fit everyone's needs. Not to mention the high Fiber content, Protein, and Whole grains! It's also Heart Healthy! Here's a Nutritional Fact value range for Healthy Choice Baked Entrees:

Healthy Choice Baked Entrees Nutritional Fact Value Range

This is the Nutritional Value for the Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna I so enjoy!! :

Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna Nutritional Value

I'm so glad I was chosen to sample and share these amazing, "baked taste" entrees! Healthy Choice Baked Entrees have found a spot in my freezer for good! Anyone else want to ditch the diet and just live healthy? Join the Healthy Crowd with Healthy Choice!

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