Tuesday, December 4, 2012

As a Crowdtap Member, you are often invited to host Sample and share parties. What this means is you are given free products or coupons for free products to distribute to a friend or friends as well as yourself. In this particular instance, I was invited to host an Old Navy Sample and Share for Fall Dresses! I was so excited to get a free dress and one for a friend! Crowdtap sends you a Party Kit in the mail, here is what is in the kit:

  • 1 Welcome Letter
  • 1 Set of Coupons (1 for member, 1 for a friend)
While I patiently waited for my Party Kit from Crowdtap, I decided to look online at www.oldnavy.com to see what dress I may choose..

I generally go for Cowl Neck Dresses when it gets chilly, so that's where I started..I found a few other dresses that I thought I might like too..the anticipation was killing me! I couldn't wait to get my coupons!

I had so much fun hosting my Old Navy Fall Dress sample and share! I usually go to the same Old Navy for my sample + shares and parties, but this time I decided to travel a distance and go to the Old Navy in Danbury, Connecticut. It's about a 2 hour drive each way.

 Here are some of the dresses I had to choose from at the Old Navy in Danbury, CT. I ended up choosing the one on the right!

I tried on the one in the middle, and my mom tried on the one on the left..I really liked the dress, and so did mom, but it had Wool in it and I can't wear Wool. Neither can my mother.

I usually go to the Old Navy in Canton CT. To travel to Canton from my home, it takes about 45 mins to get there. From my home to Danbury mall, it's about 2 hours. The Old Navy in Danbury is nice, but it isn't as well organized as the one in Canton. I'm glad I went to another Old Navy though, I wanted a new experience with different Old Navy associates and managers to see what the difference in demographic and layout of the store is like.

There were quite a few dresses to choose from

Most of the dresses were right in the front of the store

I love crossover dresses!

I love the dress in the middle

I enjoyed my experience and had plenty of dresses to choose from. BUT, my usual store has a better layout and flow and the associates are more friendly. I definitely have a better selection in the store in Canton, as the Old Navy didn't have the Blue Cowl Neck dress I was seeking, I ended up getting a black one instead. I still had a great time and so did my mom!

The spots are not on the dress..it's my camera

Mom knew right away that this was the one for her

I fell in love with the same cowl neck dress as mom!

I love how the cowl neck dress hugs my body

Mom liked this dress, but it has wool in it

I like how this dress drapes on problem areas

I wanted to love this dress! I do love it, just not the wool material

If it weren't wool, it would've brought it home with me

I had such a good time trying on dresses with my mom!

This dress is so body friendly, anyone could wear it

colored tights will add a nice pop of color to this

While I was hosting my sample and share, I found a great Pea Coat and Scarf that I ended up purchasing!

I love how the scarf, Peacoat, and Dress all coordinate

when it's even colder, tights will be perfect with this!

Here's just the peacoat and dress

Inside label of the jacket

Label on the scarf

Mom and I actually wore the same boots too!

Mom and I sporting our free Old Navy Dresses!

Mom and I both wore our dresses on Thanksgiving!

I really wanted a Cowl Neck dress from Old Navy and that is exactly what I ended up with! I am so happy with my free dress! It fits fantastic! I couldn't help myself but to purchase a few things while I was at Old Navy, there was so many items on sale! I ended up purchasing a gorgeous Red Peacoat and Striped Scarf to go with my dress that I received for Free! I really love Old Navy products, and have no problem sporting Old Navy from head to toe!

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