Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BrandX- An Evening with Russel Brand

                         An Evening With Russell Brand


                           Brand X — hosted party


 FX Networks invited me and my friends to be a part of BrandX’s audience on October 11th at 11pm. Every episode of BrandX is an interactive experience that relies on stories and experiences from the audience. BrandX with Russell Brand features Brand’s unvarnished and unfiltered point of view on current events, worldwide politics and popular culture. Taking on the news of the day like no one else, Brand uses his unconventional sensibility, spirituality, humor and status as a recently transplanted Englishman to get to the bottom of what the news really means.


Most of my friends and family already enjoy watching Russel Brand act on big screen movies, so when I told them that I was hosting this party they were so excited! I decided to make a huge pot of Chili for the party..since it's October, it's not grilling weather anymore and a nice hot bowl of chili seemed appropriate. I also layed out cookies and chips. Not only did I get to host the BrandX party, but Crowdtap so graciously provided me with a bunch of digital material filled with party ideas, videos, and clips of the raucous Russel Brand! BrandX Social Connect encourages you and your audience to share your thoughts during the BrandX party.

 Here's a few questions that were included in the digital party kit to ask your guests:

  • What would you do if your town elected a Cat as Mayor?
  • Does Tim Tebow like Jesus a little too much?
  • How’d you get your sexual education?
  • Is Mike Tyson a poet? Or just your run of the mill crazy person?
  • According to Russell, the idea of a ‘country’ is a confusing thing. If you could pick one person to represent the idea of America, who would it be?
  •  So what exactly is a ‘Porn Headache’? Please describe
It was fun having a bunch of videos and clips to watch and party ideas to keep my guests busy while we anticipated the show's return! Crowdtap had a Russel Brand Doppleganger challenge and I shared this with my guests...they thought I did a pretty decent job of mimicking his style:

Here's a video clip of me imitating Russel Brand:


 I don't think anyone could ever imitate Russel Brand successfully.

I made chili for us to enjoy..everyone completely emptied their bowls! No one wanted to eat the cookies after..we ended up putting them away. They were Oatmeal raisin.
My flash was being a jerk!
 I loved the way Russel came out on stage..all strange, almost dance gliding. He's so unique!

Russel relies on audience participation and improv mixed with comedy to make his show stand out and it definitely works. I've never seen a show like his, it's so funny!

 Russel pulled his first audience participant. He actually comes into play again later in the show!

Brand told a story about a woman who bit her boyfriend's testicles off! Hilariously disturbing!

I can't believe anyone in their right mind would take someone back after biting off a body part! Especially those parts!! Those are his boys..


Brand is quite a dapper looking man..he exudes sensuality with every body he is asking a political question to this guy..I think he's supposed to be someone in politics but I don't really follow that stuff...Brand can make anything funny though!


Brand had Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy on as a guest. Ryan used to play Opie on the show, but his character was killed off. 

After complementing Hurst on his acting talents and burly size, Brand admits to being intimidated by Ryan's fight stance disposition. 

Told you the audience participant would come back into play! We laughed so hard when he sat in Ryan Hurst's lap! I wonder who was more scared!

Here is another audience participant, Shayne. Russel had the audience answer some questions previous to the show's airing and apparently Shayne wanted to have more confidence..

  As Shayne was interacting with Brand, this crazy audience lady started yelling out turns out that this lady is David Hasselhoff's ex wife!! Shayne stated on a social media site that there was a lot more to her crazy rant, but thankfully BrandX cut it out of the show! She obviously was looking for a little face time on TV.

Russel had Shayne talk to two ladies..mother and daughter help boost his confidence..turned out that they were both lesbians..and the daughter was only 15! Oops!

Since that was a bust, Brand brought Shayne up on stage..and even handed him the mic (which I noticed was corded..I have never seen a talk show with a corded mic! I liked it, it was unique)

Remember the first audience member? He's back!! Shayne gets a ride back to his seat! LOL

I can't wait to see next Thursday's BrandX on FX at 11pm!! 


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