Monday, April 16, 2012

My Old Navy Shopping Party!!


On Saturday, April 7 2012, I took 3 of my favorite ladies to Old Navy for the Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Party I was chosen to host by Crowdtap and Old Navy. What that means is I was selected to sample the "latest and greatest shoes and bottoms from Old Navy's Spring line", free of charge! Not only did I get to select free shoes and bottoms for myself, but I was picked to play hostess for three of my girlfriends..and they all got to select their own free shoes and bottoms too! When I first found out that I was chosen by Crowdtap and Old Navy to do mind started racing..what "bottoms" and "shoes" are included? When I received my In Store Party Guide, provided by Crowdtap and Old Navy, all of my questions were answered. Any bottoms, excluding Active wear..Any pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, capris. Any shoes or sandals.. 

There were so many Shoes and Bottoms to choose from! I wanted to share this opportunity with my family, so I chose my Mother, Daughter, and Sister-In-Law to go with me and get free bottoms and shoes!! They were all very excited! Before we even arrived at the store..we decided to go online to and preview all the bottoms and shoes for the new Spring line. We all chose what we were going to try on (We got some of the items we chose online, and a lot of different items, too!) to save time so we could spend most of our time modeling our clothing and not searching for outfits..Once we arrived at the store, the fun started immediately! Everyone saw bright, bold colors everywhere throughout the store and my posse of party goers split up and started grazing about the place. I found the Manager (Whose name was Nancy, and she is just the best, by the way) to let her know that I was on the Old Navy Style Council, and that I had been chosen to host a party in the store. I wanted to let her know about all the photos we would be taking and explain to her about the Crowdtap company and their Word of Mouth way of marketing so she wouldn't be left wondering what was going on. Many of customers asked us what we were doing and when I told them about and how I was chosen to be on the Old Navy Style Council by them and picked to Host this party they wanted to join too! 

There were so many different areas in the store that had bottoms and shoes displayed next to coordinating items, it made our online shopping rather unnecessary, lol!

I tried on that skirt with the blue and lime you will see in later photos..


 They had a lot of long skirts! They're so pretty and flowy!


The lighting in the store was very strange, so please excuse the less than perfect photos :)
There were so many shoes! I tried on a lot of shoes..and I ended up buying more shoes in addition to the free ones! Everyone in my party bought more bottoms and shoes as well as tops to go with our bottoms and shoes! It was so much fun! Being that it was Easter weekend, though, the store was really packed! It made a few of my party members camera I had to take their photos later..


I love the casual, easy wearing, slip-on style shoes that Old Navy has for Spring!


And all of the colorful bottoms!! 

Here are some photos of me in the Old Navy dressing room in a few outfits I threw together while at the Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza Party...There's one of my mom in an outfit she put together as well, although she doesn't  look happy, LOL!! She was having a great time, she just hates to be photographed..

Old Navy Items in the three above Photos (This is my favorite!) :

Perfect Rib Knit Henley in Soft Green
Faux patent leather narrow belt in Navy
Mixed Stripe Skirt in Periwinkle
Printed Crossover Wedges in Blue Print

Old Navy items on mom:

Eyelet Lace V-neck w/ Tie Tank Top in Cocoa
Sweetheart Skinny Jeans in Rinse
Bow Tie Ballet Flats in Cocoa

Old Navy items in above three photos on me:

Floral Print Racer-back Tank in Navy Floral
Tiered Double Layer Skirt in Red Aloud
T-Strap Sandal in Hazard Orange

Old Navy items in above photo on me: 

Old Navy button Cardigan in Bright Nite
Colored Denim Capris in Gestalt Green
Canvas Strap Mid Wedges in Blue/Green Combo

Here are the outfits that we chose to use our coupons for our Free Bottoms and Free Shoes!


         Perfect Khaki Shorts in Rolled Oats
         Printed Crossover Wedges in Blue Print


        Colored Denim Capris in Gestalt Green
        Canvas Strap Mid Wedges in Blue/Green Combo


     Tiered Double Layer Skirt in Red Aloud
     T-Strap Sandal in Orange Hazard


      Tiered Double Layer Skirt in Black
      Rhinestone Embellished Flip Flops in Silver

We all had so much fun at our Old Navy Party!! We didn't want to stop shopping!! Everything that I posted, I ended up getting! Here are a few more photos of all four of us...Thank you so much Crowdtap and Old Navy!

If you are looking to join Crowdtap and begin building your status so that you too can have Old Navy Party's and other brands Sample Shares, click here to sign up. It's free! 

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