Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was chosen to host a party for Woolite and Crowdtap to have an "In-Home" clothing swap! Clothing swaps are a great way to clear out your closet and get some new clothes without having to hit the mall. The items may not be new, but they will be new to you! I was asked to have my friends bring at least 3-5 items that are gently loved to swap for other items that people bring. The idea is to create a "new to you" outfit to bring home and love! 

Here are a few items that were swapped by friends! I love that Maurice's top!

A lot of tops and sweaters were brought gently loved to swap!

This was a vintage dress that was swapped for a sweater. It was so pretty! Too small for me.

A few pairs of jeans were brought to the party, but not many. More sweaters and tops than anything else! I guess people truly do love their jeans! Perhaps you can thank Woolite? :)

Here's a Wooliteer donning a top she loved that someone decided was too big. Fit her perfect!

 Now to care for these "new to me" sweaters in Woolite! Score! Love them both!
 I think the cream colored one is my's so soft!
Everyone was given a sample of Woolite to take home with them!
We ate cookies that I baked after we swapped clothing..that way no one got anything on the items!
 We had so much fun swapping items! Thanks so much Woolite and Crowdtap!

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